Web-based registration for Android devices

You can instruct users to register with Ivanti EPMM through the web. Users enter the URL of the server with forward slash “go” appended to the end of the URL, which takes them through a guided web-based registration process. Device users must still install Ivanti [email protected] to complete the registration process.


  1. Make sure the user has a user record (local or LDAP) available in Ivanti EPMM. See “Managing Users” in Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM.

  2. Instruct the user on downloading the app and registering. The user will need the following information:

    • User name

    • Password and/or Registration PIN

    • Server (and the port number, if you did not use the default port number for TLS)

  3. Instruct the user to register with the Ivanti EPMM server at the following URL:

    https://<fully-qualified domain name for Ivanti EPMM>/go

    The Register your device for work page displays. It contains instructions for the device user to download Ivanti [email protected] for Android from Google Play.

  4. Instruct the user to tap the Google play button so as to download Ivanti [email protected] for Android.

  5. Instruct the user to follow the on-screen instructions in Ivanti [email protected] , entering the user credentials and server name in the space provided.

Registering a device with Ivanti [email protected] using your company’s URL

After the Ivanti [email protected] app is installed on your device, complete registration as a corporate user.


After the Ivanti [email protected] app is installed on your device, complete registration as a corporate user.

  1. Tap the Ivanti [email protected] app icon. The “Get Ready for Work with Ivanti [email protected] ” page opens.

  2. Enter your company’s URL. You can also use the Scan QR code and Register with Email option.

  3. Tap Next.

  4. The Username page displays. Enter it and tap Sign In

  5. The Password field displays. Enter it and tap Sign In.

  6. After your credentials are verified, the Home page opens.

  7. Ivanti [email protected] checks for updates.

  8. Once registration is complete, the Privacy statement displays for the device user to read.

  9. Ivanti [email protected] guides the device user through the rest of the provisioning. The type of provisioning depends upon the policies and configurations set by the administrator.