What is the self-service user portal?

The Ivanti EPMM self-service user portal (SSP) is a platform that device users can use to manage their own devices. Access to the SSP gives users the ability to perform device management tasks, which:

  • Distributes mobile device management
  • Gives your users more control of their devices
  • Adds efficiency to device registration by saving administrators’ time as well as wait time that device users might experience.

As an administrator, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Consider how changing device ownership from company-owned to employee-owned or vice-versa may impact:

    • The policies and configurations that are applied to the device.
    • The apps that are available through Apps@Work.
    • iBooks that are available on iOS devices.

    Devices are impacted when they check-in with Ivanti EPMM, depending on the labels their devices have applied to them.

  • Define which users have access to which device management actions by assigning Roles. See Assigning user portal device management roles.
  • Provide your users with the information they need to use the user portal. See Using the self-service user portal.

Tasks and information are grouped into two sections: