Working with Android Quick Setup policies

The Android Quick Setup policy offers additional options for getting devices configured quickly:

  • Optional Device Administrator role for Ivanti Mobile@Work
  • Cache registration password for Exchange and Wi-Fi configuration.


  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Policies.
  2. Click Add New > Android > Android Quick Setup.
  3. Use the following guidelines to complete the form:




    Required. Enter a descriptive name for this policy. This is the text that will be displayed to identify this policy throughout the Admin Portal. This name must be unique within this policy type.

    Tip: Though using the same name for different policy types is allowed (e.g., Executive), consider keeping the names unique to ensure clearer log entries.


    Select Active to turn on this policy. Select Inactive to turn off this policy.

    Why: Use the Status feature to turn a policy on or off across all phones affected by it. The policy definition is preserved in case you want to turn it on again.


    Specifies the priority of this custom policy relative to the other custom policies of the same type. This priority determines which policy is applied if more than one policy is associated with a specific device.

    Select “Higher than” or “Lower than”, then select an existing policy from the drop-down list. For example, to give "Policy A" a higher priority than Policy B, you would select “Higher than” and “Policy B”.

    Because this priority applies only to custom policies, this field is not enabled when you create the first custom policy of a given type.


    Enter an explanation of the purpose of this policy.

    Policy Parameters

    Clear the Device Administrator option to complete registration without applying the Device Administrator role to the Ivanti Mobile@Work app. Clearing this option streamlines the registration process by eliminating the need for the device user to approve granting the Device Administrator role.

    Clearing the option also disables the following features on the device:

    • Password requirements
    • Device encryption
    • Device lock/unlock
    • Wipe
    • Camera lock
    • Lockdown policies
    • Samsung Knox features
    • Samsung native email configuration
    • Samsung Knox container
    • Kiosk mode

    Use registration password for

    Select the Exchange and/or Wi-Fi check box to cache the registration password on the device for use in configuring the Exchange and/or Wi-Fi settings.

    Selecting these options streamlines the configuration process if you are using LDAP for authentication as part of the registration and Exchange/Wi-Fi configuration processes.

    Note that the password is cached in memory only. Terminating the app drops the password from memory.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Apply the policy to the appropriate labels (Actions > Apply to Labels).