Before enabling device registration in the User Portal (macOS devices)

On macOS devices, registering with Ivanti EPMM at http://<EPMM_Server_FQDN>/go does not automatically install Ivanti Mobile@Work on the device. You can prompt device users to install Ivanti Mobile@Work after they complete registration at http://<EPMM_Server_FQDN>/go.

To prompt device users to install Ivanti Mobile@Work, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Settings > System Settings.
  2. Select Users & Devices > Registration.
  3. Select the Allow slient in-app registration only once (iOS and macOS) check box. This limits the silent registration of Ivanti Mobile@Work to one time only.
  4. Select the Silent in-app registration time limit (minutes) (iOS and macOS) check box. The default value is 240 minutes, which is good for the time it takes for the app to install on the device. You can modify this grace period based on your requirements. If the app is installed after the allotted time, the app will ask for the device users' credentials.
  5. Go to Apps > App Catalog and select to import an in-house Apple app.
  6. In the Choose page, import the Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS app.

  7. In the App Configuration page, make sure the Send installation request on Device registration check box is selected.

  8. Select Finish.
  9. In the App Catalog's main page, select the mac-Agent app (Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS) in the list of apps and select Actions > Apply To Labels.
  10. Select the appropriate labels and then select Apply.

    Once the label is applied to the app, Ivanti EPMM installs automatically when the device is registered with iReg or DEP, as per the Send installation request on Device registration selection. Otherwise, the administrator will need to send the app installation request manually.

Note that in this scenario, device users do not have to re-enter their credentials when they install and launch Ivanti Mobile@Work.