Best practices for managing devices in Apple School Manager

Following are some best practices to keep in mind for managing enrolled devices in Apple School Manager:

  • Distribute the Classroom app to teacher devices using Apple Licenses and a label you create for teacher devices. Distribute any apps you want on student devices using Apple Licenses as well, and a label you create for student devices. Use device-based Apple licenses.
  • You can enroll devices in an Apple Device Enrollment you previously registered in Ivanti EPMM, as long as you wipe and retire these devices first.
  • Use Apple Device Enrollment to purchase a large group of devices, which you can more easily manage in Ivanti EPMM.
  • Ivanti recommends against using anonymous enrollment.
  • Using a CSV file automates the process of applying a Managed Apple ID for each device, preparing the devices for use with Apple School Manager. When enrolling devices in bulk with Apple Device Enrollment:
    • Use a modified CSV file listing both device serial numbers and the Managed Apple ID as a custom attribute value for each device.
    • For multi-users in shared device carts, be sure the CSV file you upload has a new column for the custom attribute created when you enabled Apple Education and connected to the MDM server. Each of these devices must be pre-assigned to a device cart.
  • It is best to assign only one role to a given Managed Apple ID, as only one type of profile can be pushed to an Apple School Manager device (either teacher or student). If a Managed Apple ID is associated with both a teacher and a student, then the profile pushed to the device will always be a teacher profile.
  • Apple's School Manager program sometimes uses the terms "leader" and "member" to indicate teacher and student, respectively.