Best practices for managing devices in Apple Business Manager

Following are some best practices to keep in mind for managing enrolled devices in Apple Business Manager:

  • You can enroll devices in an Apple Device Enrollment you previously registered in Ivanti EPMM, as long as you wipe and retire the Shared iPad devices first.
  • Use Apple Device Enrollment to purchase a large group of devices, which you can more easily manage in Ivanti EPMM.
  • It is recommended to create one or more Locations for each Ivanti EPMM that you have. Additionally, it is recommended to not share the Locations (“Locations” in Apple Business Manager are the Apple Licenses.)

  • It is recommended to have no more than 10 Apple License accounts total per Ivanti EPMM. The total includes both Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager licenses.

  • When using the $MANAGED_APPLE_ID$ substitution variable, it is best to update your Labels to only include devices that have a Managed Apple ID::
    • “ios.IsMultiUser” = true OR “ios.apple_user_enrolled_device” = true. This is applicable only for both Shared iPad and User Enrollment.