Turning Bluetooth on and off on iOS and macOS devices

Ivanti EPMM enables you to turn Bluetooth on or off for iOS and macOS devices. As this is a discrete action, rather than a restriction, administrators and users can turn Bluetooth back on or off after taking this action.

Turning Bluetooth on or off for iOS and macOS devices involves simply changing the Bluetooth setting in the list of devices under Devices & Users > Devices. This sends a command to devices, requesting Bluetooth to be switched on or off. The command is queued from Ivanti EPMM, and executes on the device at the discretion of iOS or macOS. Device users can see if their Bluetooth has been switched on or off by going to Settings > Bluetooth on their devices.

Before you begin 

Make sure you have selected the View dashboard, device page, device details line item under the device management role.

  1. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Admin > Admins.
  2. Select the administrator who will be managing personal hotspot settings.
  3. Go to Actions > Edit roles.
  4. Select View dashboard, device page, device details.

  5. Click Save.


  1. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Devices & Users > Devices.

  2. Select the device or devices whose Bluetooth you want to turn on or off.

  3. Select Actions > iOS and macOS > Update Bluetooth Setting.

  4. Use the following table as a guide for filling in the form:



Enable Bluetooth

Select to turn on Bluetooth for the device or devices.

Disable Bluetooth

Select to turn off Bluetooth for the device or devices.


Optionally, add a note regarding this setting.

  1. Click Update to save your changes.

  2. On the Devices page, select the device or devices for which you switched Bluetooth on or off.

  3. To issue the command immediately, select Actions > Force Device Check-In.

While you can turn Bluetooth on or off for a given device or set of devices, device users can still change the Bluetooth setting on their device even after you send the command. If you have turned off a device’s Bluetooth, it is possible for the device user to turn it back on again immediately after.