Cellular Private Network

Ivanti EPMM added a new Cellular Private Network configuration to support iOS 17 or above devices. EPMM allows you to configure several settings to geofence and to prefer cellular over Wi-Fi for security purposes.

Some device settings for an organisation’s private 5G and LTE network can be configured using an MDM solution or a configuration profile containing a Private Mobile Network payload. Only one Private Mobile Network payload is supported at a time.

Configuring cellular private network


  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. Select Add New > Apple > iOS / tvOS > Cellular Private Network. The Add Cellular Private Network dialog box opens.
  3. Configure the settings as described in Cellular Private Network settings.
  4. Click Add + to add a new row for Geofences configuration as described in Geofence properties. Ivanti EPMM allows to add 1000 rows to define geolocation for private network activation.

  5. Click Save.

The following table summarizes the cellular private network settings:



Enable by default


Enter a name for the cellular private network configuration.



Enter a brief description that explains the purpose of this configuration.


Cellular Data Preferred (Boolean)

Set to true to prefer this private network over Wi-Fi.


Data Set Name (String) (Required)

The name of the private network configuration data set.


Enable NR Standalone (Boolean)

Set to true if this private network is NR Standalone.


Version Number (String) (Required)

The version number of this dataset that the system uses to track updates.


The following table summarizes the Geofence properties:



Geofence Id (String) (Required)

A geofence identifier that’s unique within a list of geofences.

Latitude (Number) (Required)

The latitude of the geofence.

Minimum Value: -90

Maximum Value: 90


Longitude (Number) (Required)

The longitude of the geofence.

Minimum Value: -180

Maximum Value: 180

Radius (Number) (Required)

Specifies the radius of the geofence in meters. Set this value slightly greater than the private cellular network coverage area.

Minimum Value: 100

Maximum Value: 6500