Configuring a macOS script configuration on Ivanti EPMM

Create a macOS script configuration for your macOS shell script. You can upload only one script file per configuration, but the file can include more than one signed shell script. You must then apply the macOS script configuration to a label or labels, so that you can run the script or set of scripts on a subset of macOS devices.

After you have created a macOS script configuration, you cannot edit the configuration, for example, by uploading a different script file to a configuration you had previously created. A macOS script configuration is read-only after you create and save it. If you want to change a particular macOS script configuration, delete the old configuration and create a new one.


  1. Select Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. On the Configurations page, click Add New, and select Apple > macOS Only > Mobile@Work macOS Script.
  3. In the Ivanti Mobile@Work macOS Script Configuration dialog box, add your macOS shell script.




    Enter a name for the configuration.


    Enter an explanation of the purpose of this configuration.

    Select File

    Click Browse and select the signed script file you want to use.

  4. Select Save.
  5. Select the configuration you just created, and apply it to the relevant labels.