Pushing and removing device profiles

Push Profile is an option that lists the device's configurations and policies. Administrators can essentially 'force push' the selected profile and/or configurations associated to the device. This is similar to an override if something failed and the administrator does not want to do a full check-in, but instead just send the selected profile(s) to the device.

Remove Profile is like Push Profile except the selected profile and/or configuration is excluded from the device. Remove Profile can only be used for configurations, not policies.

This feature is helpful for troubleshooting specific devices, for example, overriding the default label for that device. Applicable to iOS and macOS devices only.


  1. Expand the device details panel by clicking the up arrow next to the check box.
  2. Click the Push/Remove Profiles button, found at the top left of the Device Details panel. The device profile page opens.
  3. The profiles/configurations are displayed by Name, Type and Status.
  4. Select the profile(s) / configuration(s) and then, above the table,
    1. select the Push Profile link. The Status field updates with Pending, Applied, or Failed.
    2. select Remove Profile link. The Status field of the selected profile updates with Excluded.

      To re-instate the excluded profile / configuration, select it and then click the Push Profile link.

For the release, there are two new Push/Remove user profiles:

  • Push profiles in device details - Administrators can push profile information to a device or custom space using this role.

  • Remove profiles in device details - Administrators can remove profile information from a device or custom space using this role.