Force Device Check-In

You can use the Force Device Check-in feature to force the device to connect to the Ivanti EPMM. You might use this feature if Ivanti Mobile@Work has not connected for some time, or you want to override a long sync interval to download updates.

You can use this feature to troubleshoot Ivanti EPMM operations.

The Force Device Check-in feature on the Admin Portal does not sync the policies and settings related to AppConnect. The app check-in interval on the AppConnect global policy controls updates to those policies and settings. See the AppConnect Guide for EPMM. However, in the Ivanti Mobile@Work for iOS app on the device, the Check for Updates option does sync the policies and settings related to AppConnect.

This feature is supported on macOS devices.


  1. Go to Device & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the check box for the device.
  3. Select Actions > Force Device Check-in.
  4. The Force Device Check-In dialog appears.

    In the dialog, confirm the user and device information and enter a note.

  5. Select Force Device Check-in.