Getting Entrust derived credentials

When using certificate authentication to the user portal, you can set up Ivanti EPMM so that iOS device users can get their Entrust derived credentials when they get their Ivanti EPMM registration PIN. Specifically, in the System Manager, you provide Ivanti EPMM with the Entrust IdentityGuard Self-Service Module (SSM) URL. This URL is a deep link that points directly to the page on the Entrust self-service portal where a user can get a derived credential.

When the user requests a derived credential on the user portal, the user portal redirects the user to the URL you provided. The user interacts with the Entrust self-service portal to get a derived credential, after which the Entrust self-service portal redirects the user back to the Ivanti EPMM user portal. The user uses the PIV-D Entrust app on a device to activate the derived credential.

For information about how to enable the user to get a derived credential on the user portal, see “Advanced: Portal authentication” in the Ivanti EPMM System Manager Guide.

This feature is not supported on macOS devices.