Google Account

You can set up a Google email account for communication service rules for an audio service. All calls initiated on iOS devices to the contacts on the Google contact list will be using the default audio service. Each Google payload sets up a Google email address as well as any other Google services the device user enables after authentication.


  1. In the Admin Portal go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. Select Add New > Apple > iOS and tvOS > Google Account.
  3. In the New Google Account Configuration dialog box, enter the following:




    Enter brief text that identifies this email account.


    Enter additional text that clarifies the purpose of this Google account.

    Google Account Name

    When an email is sent from this Google account, the name entered here displays who the email is from.

    You can use substitution variables in this field. Ivanti, Inc recommends using $DISPLAY_NAME$.

    Email Address

    Enter the Google email address of this account. Typically, you use the Ivanti EPMM substitution variable $EMAIL$.

    $MANAGED_APPLE_ID$ can be used for Shared iPad devices and User Enrolled devices only.

    For more information on substitution variables, see Custom compliance policies.

    Communication Service Rules (iOS 10 and Later)

    Select a default audio service or app to be associated with the device user's accounts on the Google servers. All calls initiated on the iOS device to contacts from contact lists stored on the server will use the selected audio service by default. This feature is supported on devices running iOS 10 or supported newer versions.

    To enable communication service rules:

    • Select Choose a default app to be used when calling contacts from this account. A drop-down list of apps is displayed.

    • Select the drop-down list to select the default audio app or service.

  4. Select Save.
  5. In the Configurations page, select the box next to the Google email account configuration you created, and select Actions > Apply To Label.
  6. In the Apply to Label dialog box, select the label(s) to which you want to apply the Google email account and select Apply.

Once pushed to devices, the device user is invited to go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts to enter the password to the Google email account.