How Help@Work for iOS works

The following steps illustrate how Help@Work for iOS with TeamViewer establishes a remote control session.

  1. Administrator selects a target device in the Admin Portal at Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Ivanti EPMM contacts the TeamViewer Server to create a remote session and retrieve a session ID.
  3. Ivanti EPMM sends an iOS managed app configuration to the TeamViewer QuickSupport app so that the app will be able to start a remote session using the session ID.
  4. Ivanti EPMM launches the TeamViewer software on your desktop with the session ID.
  5. The iOS device user launches the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.
  6. TeamViewer app connects to the TeamViewer Server, using the session ID that it received from Ivanti EPMM.
  7. Administrator can view the device remotely.