IPSec (Blue Coat)

This VPN connection type is supported on iOS devices.

This connection type is used with Ivanti EPMM integration with the Blue Coat Mobile Device Security (MDS) service. This connection type is results in an always-on VPN on the device.

Use the following guidelines to configure an IPSec (Blue Coat) VPN.


Table 68.  IPSec (Blue Coat) Settings




Enter brief text that identifies this VPN setting.


Enter additional text that clarifies the purpose of this VPN setting.


For macOS only. Select one of the following distribution options:

Device channel - the configuration is effective for all users on a device. This is the typical option.

User channel - the configuration is effective only for the currently registered user on a device.

Connection Type

Select IPsec (Blue Coat).

Identity Certificate

Select a Blue Coat certificate enrollment setting from the drop-down list.