In-app registration for iOS

You can ask iOS device users to download Ivanti Mobile@Work from the iOS App Store and register by themselves.


  1. Make sure that the device user has a user record (local or LDAP) available in Ivanti EPMM. See “Managing Users” in Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM.

  2. Instruct the device user on downloading the app and registering. The device user will need the following information:
    • user name

    • password and/or Registration PIN

    • server (and the port number, if you did not use the default port number for TLS)

What the device user sees

For iOS 12.2 or supported newer versions, when doing the iReg and in-app registration of the MDM profile, the device user experiences a different registration process.

After downloading and installing Ivanti Mobile@Work , the device user must register with Ivanti EPMM by entering their user name, password, and server details.

In iOS 13, the option to "Allow Always" was removed from the iOS Settings app. Instead, a dialog box displays requesting device users to enable tracking when the Ivanti Mobile@Work app is running. Ivanti Mobile@Work opens iOS Settings where device users can choose "Ask Next Time" or "Never". Ivanti, Inc recommends device users to enable tracking. This change applies to all versions of iOS 13 or supported newer versions. Ivanti Mobile@Work for iOS does not track device users' location without consent.

If a customized terms of service agreement has been defined on Ivanti EPMM, device users will need to accept the agreement before registering with Ivanti EPMM.

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name during registration

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name streamlines the registration process and eliminates the need for the device user to type it. You can auto-populate the Ivanti EPMM server address based on the device phone number (for Android only) or the email address.

Auto-populating the Ivanti EPMM server name based on email address

To auto-populate the server name based on the device user’s email address, you only need to register your Ivanti EPMM with Ivanti, Inc. Additional configuration on Ivanti EPMM is not required.

Device users must enter their full email address when prompted to enter their user name in the registration screen. Ivanti, Inc matches the email domain to the appropriate Ivanti EPMM and populates the registration screen with the correct server name.

Registering your Ivanti EPMM with Ivanti, Inc

To register your Ivanti EPMM, open a ticket on the Ivanti, Inc Support portal and provide the following information:

  • Your company name (e.g. Ivanti, Inc)

  • Your email domain (e.g.