Logging and enhanced logging for [email protected]

If iOS device users experience issues with [email protected], they can reproduce the issue and send the logs (log level Debug) to their support administrator. Enhanced Logging encrypts the logs for safe transport to the support Admin.

This feature is for troubleshooting, and is disabled by default. Logging requires [email protected] 9.0 or supported newer versions.

Sending [email protected] logs to Ivanti, Inc Support


  1. Open [email protected]
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. To enable encrypted logging of your phone information, tap Enhanced Logging.

    If you do not require encryption, make sure Enhanced Logging is toggled off.

  4. Reproduce the issue on the device.
  5. Go back to [email protected], and tap Settings > Send [email protected] Logs.

    Select a method to send the log information to Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile support. Options include email, SMS, AirDrop, and others.

  6. Enter a support address and tap Send.

Remote Enhanced Logging for Managers

In circumstances where issues are intermittent or random in nature, enhanced logging can be remotely enabled on a set of devices by the manager. This includes the ability to pull the logs remotely. Once the needed information is collected, the logging can be disabled. At the device, the user can override this command; the override will be in the report to Ivanti EPMM at the next checkin.


  1. Open Actions > More Actions > Enhanced Logging.

  2. Enter the device(s) to be affected.

  3. Select Enable Enhanced Logging.

  4. Create any notes and select Update.

When the manager has the enhanced logs, return to the Enhanced Logging screen and select Disable Enhanced Logging to stop the action.