MDM profile distribution with Apple Configurator

Ivanti EPMM supports the distribution of iOS MDM profiles by means of Apple Configurator. In addition, you can use bulk registration in the Admin Portal to automatically match users to devices based on serial number.

Administrators who are experimenting or troubleshooting individual devices can also use the iPhone Configuration Utility to deploy a registration profile to a device.

Note the following:

  • Do not assign user-specific configurations to the iOS label. Devices registered through the Configurator are initially registered as anonymous users, so pushing user-specific configurations (such as Exchange configurations) introduces unnecessary processing that must be repeated after Ivanti EPMM matches the device to the user.
  • If you are using Apple Configurator to register devices that display the Setup Assistant, then enable supervision of the devices in Apple Configurator. The Setup Assistant is the wizard-like interface you see when starting the device for the first time. The Setup Assistant prevents display of the registration dialogs, causing deployment of configuration profiles to fail, unless supervision is enabled.
  • Consider installing the WiFi profile in a separate operation prior to installing the MDM profile. This approach prevents the MDM profile installation from failing if the device does not acquire an IP address (required for Ivanti EPMM connectivity) in a timely manner.