Management of device settings with configurations

This feature is supported on macOS devices.

Configuring major settings across a large inventory of different devices can mean a major daily time investment for IT personnel. You can automate this process by specifying and distributing configurations, previously called app settings. A configuration is a group of settings to be applied to devices.

The following table summarizes the device settings managed by Ivanti EPMM. Configurations are found on the Policies & Configs > Configurations page.

Table 34.  Device settings


Configuration Type


  • Android for Work
  • Samsung Browser
  • Samsung Kiosk
  • Samsung Knox Container


  • Exchange
  • Email
  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN
  • Certificates
  • Certificate Enrollment


  • App Configuration
  • Container Policy


iOS and macOS

  • General
  • CalDAV
  • CardDAV
  • Web Clips
  • Configuration Profile
  • LDAP

iOS Only

  • AirPlay (starting with iOS 7)
  • AirPrint (starting with iOS 7)
  • APN
  • Provisioning Profile
  • Restrictions
  • Subscribed Calendars
  • Web Content Filter (starting with iOS 7)
  • Managed App Config (starting with iOS 7)
  • Managed Domains
  • Single Sign-On Account (starting with iOS 7)