Managing notifications in [email protected] for iOS

[email protected] for iOS includes a Notifications tab shows notifications received from Ivanti EPMM. The Notifications tab allows you to manage notifications, including the ability to receive notifications on the home screen and view, save, or dismiss them. Notifications from [email protected] are displayed in the device Notifications Center.

Notifications can be received and viewed when the device is locked. When [email protected] is running in the background, all new notifications are sent to both [email protected] and the Notifications Center. When [email protected] is running in the foreground, all new notifications are sent to [email protected] only. When [email protected] is not running, all notifications are delivered only to the device Notification Center. Tapping the message in the Notification Center opens Mobi[email protected] and delivers that particular message to [email protected] For example, if three messages have been sent to the Notification Center, the device user must tap each message to deliver it to [email protected]


  • You can do the following in the Notifications tab in [email protected]:
    • View additional notification details by tapping the chevron (>) next to a notification in the [email protected] Notifications tab.
    • Swipe right to left to delete a given notification.
    • Delete all notifications by tapping Delete All on the top right of the Notifications tab.
    • Save notifications by tapping them one at a time.