Registering macOS devices with Ivanti EPMM using Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS

Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS allows you to:

  • register macOS devices with Ivanti EPMM using web-based registration (this automatically installs Ivanti Mobile@Work )
  • run shell scripts on macOS devices.

As a convenience, instead of macOS device users manually entering registration credentials, you can set it up so devices are automatically registered with Ivanti EPMM.

What the device user sees:

  1. Device user receives an email invitation with a link in it.
  2. Device user selects on the link.
  3. The device user enters username, password and accepts the terms of service displayed in Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS.
  4. Device user then downloads the enroll.mobileconfig file. When this happens, Ivanti Mobile@Work is automatically downloaded and user registration is automatically completed.
  5. Note the following:

    What happens after downloading the enroll.mobileconfig file varies based upon the user's browser and settings:

    • If the user uses the default browser (Safari), Settings is launched with the enroll.mobileconfig file and the user will need to go through permissions dialogs to enable MDM on the mac.
    • If the user is not using a default browser, the enroll.mobileconfig file is downloaded but Settings is not launched. This means the user will need to double-click on the enroll.mobileconfig file to continue registration.

What the administrator does

As with other types of devices, you can configure whether you want macOS device users to enter a password, PIN, or both during registration, as described in Setting the registration PIN code length for device user registration.

Device users can retire their macOS devices from Ivanti EPMM by uninstalling Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS from their devices.


  1. Upload the PKG file for Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS to a secure server. This server must be accessible to device users. See "Using the wizard to add an in-house macOS bundled app to the App Catalog" in the Ivanti EPMM Apps@Work Guide.
  2. Set up the email invitation template. See Customizing registration messages
  3. Send the email invitation to device users.
  4. Monitor devices for status in Devices & Users > Devices.

Running shell scripts on macOS devices

Customized terms of service