Reinstalling system apps on iOS devices

You can reinstall system apps on iOS devices when they have been deleted by the user. This action is useful because most system apps are not available in the Apple App Store for users to reinstall themselves.

This feature is supported on iOS 11.3.

When you select a system app to reinstall:

  • If the system app is not on the device, the latest version is installed.
  • If an older version of the app is on the device, the app is upgraded.
  • If the same version of the app is on the device, the app is not reinstalled.


  1. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the device or devices for which you want to reinstall deleted system apps.
  3. Go to Actions > iOS Only > Reinstall iOS System Apps.

    The Reinstall iOS System Apps window is displayed.

  4. Select the system apps that you want to reinstall.
  5. If you want to use different images for the home and locked screens:
  6. Select Reinstall Apps.

    The apps will be reinstalled when each device next checks in.