Restarting or shutting down supervised iOS devices

iOS onlyYou can use Ivanti EPMM to restart or shut down supervised iOS devices running iOS 10.3 or supported newer versions. If you attempt to restart or shutdown a device running prior iOS versions, Ivanti EPMM displays an error message.


  1. Go to Devices & Users.
  2. Select the devices which you want to restart or shutdown.
  3. Select Actions > iOS Only > Restart/Shutdown Devices.

    A confirmation window displays. By default, the device passcode is cleared on restart or shutdown.

  4. (Optional) Clear the device passcode on restart or shutdown.

    If the passcode is not cleared, the device will require a passcode and will not be connected to Wi-Fi after it is restarted.

  5. Select Send Request.

    Ivanti EPMM sends the iOS restart or shutdown command to devices.

  6. Select OK.