Setting up background check-ins with APNs

Background check-ins allow Ivanti EPMM to communicate with devices in the background through [email protected] To do this, Ivanti EPMM wakes up [email protected] by sending a silent Apple Push Notification service (APNs) message to [email protected] by way of the APNs server. Ivanti EPMM uses background check-ins to provide accurate jailbreak detection or policy updates without relying on device location changes, for example. As opposed to relying on location changes, using APNs for background check-ins uses less device battery power while using more predictable update intervals.

The sync interval defined in the sync policy applied to a device determines how often Ivanti EPMM sends a check-in notification for iOS devices.


  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Policies.
  2. Select the sync policy name.
  3. Select Edit. The Modify Sync Policy dialog box opens.
  4. Set the Sync Interval to the preferred number of minutes. The default interval is 240 minutes. If you want to make more frequent checks for certain policy changes or jailbreak indicators, decrease the value. More frequent checks will have a greater effect on device battery life.
  5. Select Save.