Configuring Shared Device Cart

When Apple Education is enabled, the Shared Device Carts tab is populated with all the potential device carts based on the unique values stored in the custom attributes for the device cart. From this tab, an administrator can select one or more device carts and assign them to a class.

It is very important that before devices are turned on, you have all Shared iPad devices associated to a device cart. You want all the profiles to be ready for the device before logging into the device. Once a device is logged into using an Apple ID, all the relevant course information will be downloaded onto the device.


  1. Select Shared Device Cart tab.
  2. The tab displays four columns:



    Device Cart

    Selecting on the name of the Device Cart allows you to re-name the device cart.


    The number of classes associated to the device cart displays. Selecting on the number opens the Class List dialog box. When finished viewing the class information, select OK.

    Registered Devices

    Selecting on View Devices opens the Device List dialog box. When finished viewing the device information, select OK.


    Selecting on the X in the relevant Action row deletes the Device Cart. You will get a confirmation prompt.

  1. Select Add New Device Cart.
    The Add New Device Cart dialog box opens.
  2. Enter a name into the Device Cart Name field and then select Add.
    The new name displays in the Shared Device Carts tab.

Be aware of making changes to Shared Device Carts during school hours. Changing device carts, classes and associations will cause profiles to be re-evaluated and pushed to the devices. This can cause the devices to be slow. It is advised that you make chages during after school hours or on weekends.

Next steps 

Proceed to Applying a device cart to a class.

For multi-users in shared device carts, it is useful to upload a CSV file with all the devices pre-assigned to a device cart into a Apple Device Enrollment profile. For more information, see Configuring devices in bulk for Apple School Manager.

Applying a device cart to a class

Applying a class to a device cart displays a new class dialog list.

  • In Shared iPad device mode, the iPad device cannot be reset/erased by the end user. To reset the device, send the Wipe command to the device. Then on the device, login with any Managed Apple ID that is part of that EDU account. When the device is logged in, it will get the Wipe MDM command. DO NOT retire the device until it has been reported as wiped and is no longer in "Wipe Pending" state.
  • If you toggle Apple Education to OFF, the students' names, device carts, class information, etc., will be deleted. The custom attributes and device values will remain.

The class list is search-able and sortable. A class requires students and teachers at minimum. Classes without a student or teacher should not be assigned to device carts as that will cause invalid configurations.


  1. Select the Shared Device Carts tab.
  2. Select a cart and then select Apply to Classes.
    The Apply Cart to Classes dialog box opens.

    TIP: To view the classes that are already in the cart, select on the Selected tab.

  3. In the All tab, select the class(es) you want to associate to that device cart and then select Apply.
  4. To remove a class, select Remove from Classes.
    The Remove Cart from Classes dialog box opens.
  5. Selecting the box next to the Class Name field selects all classes. Alternately, select the individual classes you want to remove.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Repeat steps if you want to remove additional classes from a Device Cart.
  8. Once you have all your devices mapped, select on the Sync button or wait for the automiatic sync.
    Ivanti EPMM automatically syncs every 24 hours (since the last scheduled sync.)