Using both the query builder and manual editing

Use the query builder to start an expression, look up field syntax, and select predetermined values. Then, edit the expression directly as needed.

  1. Select fields and criteria.
  2. Click All to combine multiple criteria with a logical AND or Any to combine multiple criteria with OR. You can manually edit individual logical operators in the expression field.
  3. In the expression field, edit the expression directly.
  4. For example, you can add parentheses, change logical operators, or manually edit field names or values.
  5. The automatic syntax check displays a status icon next to the expression field. A green icon indicates that the syntax is correct, and a red icon if incorrect.
  6. When the syntax is correct, click Search to display the matching devices and their owners.

Once you manually edit the expression, the query builder is covered with a gray box to indicate it no longer represents the current state of the expression. Click the Reset link to remove your manual edits and continue using the query builder.

Example: Find all iOS or Android devices that use AT&T as their service operator.

Figure 1. Service operator in Query Builder


Build the expression to match the above example.

  1. Click Advanced Search to open the query builder.
  2. Select Platform in the first field, select Equals for the operator, then select iOS as the platform.
  3. Click the plus icon to add another row for criteria.
  4. Select Platform, Equals, and Android as the field, operator, and platform value, respectively.
  5. Click the plus icon to add a third row for criteria.
  6. Select Home Operator Name for the field and Equals for the operator.

    Notice that the value field adjusts automatically to display service operator values by country.

  7. Accept the first value field and select AT&T in the second value field.

Manually edit the expression.

  1. Replace the first AND with OR.

    The syntax is checked automatically as you type. Note a red icon indicating incorrect syntax while you edit the expression.

  2. Add parentheses around the phrase to read:

    ("common.platform" = "iOS" OR "common.platform" = "Android") AND
    “common.home_operator_name” = “ATT&T”

    Note a green icon indicating correct syntax has replaced the red icon. Your advanced search will look the same as the original image (see below).

    To revert to the original expression without your manual edits, click the Reset link to the right of the expression.

  3. Click Search to display the matching devices and their owners.