When a user-provided certificate is deleted

The user can delete the private key from the PKCS 12 file, and password if provided, from the Ivanti EPMM file system using the user portal. A web services API is also available to delete them. Whether you want the private key and password deleted from Ivanti EPMM depends on your security requirements.

WARNING: This action means that the certificate and private key in the PKCS 12 file (and password if provided) are still available and usable on existing devices that already had received them from Ivanti EPMM. Because the private key was deleted from the Ivanti EPMM file system, the certificate is not available to newly registered devices or to re-provisioned devices.

Because the certificate without the private key is still available on Ivanti EPMM, you can view information about the certificate, such as its expiration date. This information can help you manage devices still using the certificate.