Wi-Fi settings

To configure wireless network access, in the Admin Console, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations. Select Add New > Wi-Fi to create a new configuration. Wi-Fi settings are done based on the authentication type set by the administrator. See Wi-Fi authentication types.

Only the WPA Enterprise and EAP type of TTLS are supported for macOS devices.

For macOS only, select one of the following Channel options:

  • Device channel - the configuration is effective for all users on a device. This is the typical option.
  • User channel - the configuration is effective only for the currently registered user on a device.

Do not assign multiple Wi-Fi profiles to a device if the Network Name SSID (Service Set Identifier) differs only by case. For example, if one profile has an SSID value of "yourco" and another has an SSID of "YourCo," those two must not be assigned to the same device. Doing so will cause check-in problems, and full device details will not be properly recorded.