iOS location-based wakeups interval and syncing with Ivanti EPMM

Location-based wakeup intervals enable Ivanti EPMM to periodically wake Ivanti Mobile@Work for iOS, which then reports any critical changes to Ivanti EPMM. This feature allows changes to be communicated to Ivanti EPMM without having to manually start Ivanti Mobile@Work .

Independent of the location-based wakeup interval, iOS may wake Ivanti Mobile@Work based on changes in cell tower location. In this case, the app determines whether device details have been sent to Ivanti EPMM within the specified iOS location-based wakeup interval. If device details have not been sent during that interval, then Ivanti Mobile@Work sends device details to Ivanti EPMM. If Ivanti Mobile@Work wakes up and determines that the device has been compromised or the SIM state has changed, this information is immediately sent to Ivanti EPMM.