APN settings

Select Policies & Configs > Configurations > Add New > Apple > iOS / tvOS > APN to define parameters for access point interactions, which define how the device accesses the operator’s network.


  • Apple disabled APN settings in iOS 9.0, but re-enabled APN settings in iOS 9.0.1. Apple has replaced the APN setting with a cellular policy. Ivanti, Inc strongly recommends creating a cellular policy for new configurations. To create a cellular policy, see Cellular policies.
  • Ivanti EPMM supports the use of APN settings for iOS devices running iOS 7 through iOS 8.4, as well as iOS 9.0.1 through iOS 9.0.2. APN settings cannot be used on iOS 9.0 devices, as Apple does not support APN settings on iOS 9.0.

APN settings do not apply to macOS devices.

This setting does not apply to tvOS devices.

The following table describes the APN settings.

Table 116.   APN settings (iOS)



Access Point Name

Identifier available from the operator.


Enter additional text that clarifies the purpose of this group of iOS APN settings.

User Name

Enter a user name authorized for this access point.


Enter the password corresponding to the user name entered.

Proxy Server

Enter the IP address or URL of the APN proxy.


Enter the port number of the APN proxy.