AirPrint settings

This feature is only supported on iOS 7 or supported newer versions.

AirPrint is an iOS feature that allows you to print to an AirPrint printer from your iOS device without the need to install drivers or download software.

You can configure your Ivanti EPMM to control the printing resources that devices can access. You can specify a whitelist of AirPrint printers that devices can access.

This setting does not apply to tvOS devices.


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. From the Add New drop-down menu, go to Apple > iOS / tvOS > AirPrint. The New AirPrint Configuration dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a Name for the AirPrint configuration.
  4. Enter a Description that clarifies the purpose of this configuration.
  5. Enter additional information that describes the AirPrint Configuration.
  6. In the AirPrint Destination section, click Add+ to add a new destination printer.
  7. For each destination printer, enter the following information:



    IP Address / Hostname

    Enter the IP address of the AirPrint printer.


    Enter the Resource Path associated with the AirPrint printer. This corresponds to the rp parameter of the _ipps.tcp Bonjour record. For example:

    • printers/Canon_MG5300_series

    • printers/Xerox_Phaser_7600

    • ipp/print

    • Epson_IPP_Printer.

    The resource path is case sensitive.


    Enter the listening port of the AirPrint destination.

    If this is not specified, AirPrint will use the default port. For details on Apple standard ports, visit

    Force TLS

    Allows you to enable the connection to be secured by Transport Layer Security(TLS). By default, it is disabled.


    Enter additional information that describes this destination device.

  8. Click Save.

After installation of AirPrint configuration on the macOS, the printer details are pushed through the AirPrint configuration to the device. In the Add screen, the device user must select Default and then select the required print profile. This adds the required printer to the Printers & Scanners.