De-provisioning of the Azure tenant

This section covers how to disconnect or de-provision the Azure tenant.

If multiple Ivanti EPMMs are enabled to use the same Azure tenant, do not de-provision from one Ivanti EPMM; instead, de-provision from all Ivanti EPMMs. If a single Ivanti EPMM needs to stop using Azure, you can disable the partner compliance policy for that Ivanti EPMM only.

If the administrator performs a disconnect on Ivanti EPMM, then Ivanti EPMM stops reporting the device inventory and compliance status to Azure.

Disconnecting requires an active connection to Azure using valid credentials.



  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure.

  1. Go to Intune > Conditional Access. Make sure the conditional access policy is disabled.

Ivanti EPMM

  1. Log in to Ivanti EPMM and go to System Settings.

  2. In the left navigational pane, click Microsoft Azure > Device Compliance for iOS & Android. The Device Compliance for iOS & Android page opens.

  3. Click on Disconnect Account.

  4. In the Disconnect Azure Account dialog box, click Confirm.

Retiring a device from Azure

Upon device retirement, Ivanti EPMM reports to Azure that the device is no longer under management and is non-compliant.

Azure deletes the retired device entry after 90 days.