Enabling a closed network / AOSP deployment in Ivanti EPMM

With the Ivanti EPMM version release, Administrators have the ability to enable a closed network / AOSP deployment in Ivanti EPMM whether Android Enterprise is already enabled or not. Once the closed network / AOSP is deployed, Administrators can optionally switch off Android Enterprise on the instance.

Ivanti EPMM does not impose any "special" restrictions for Google calls, both on the client and on the server. It is completely the device user's own decision as to how to handle public apps pushed from Ivanti EPMM when the device is registered in Work Managed Device - Non GMS mode.


  1. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Services > Google.

  2. Scroll down and find the AOSP/Closed Network Devices tile.

  3. Select the Enable registration of fully managed device in Non-GMS mode check box and then click Save.

Disabling AOSP / closed network deployment

You can disable the AOSP / closed network deployment. Disabling AOSP in the Google Services page will cause the registered devices in Device Owner (DO) mode to retire. Devices in Device Admin (DA) mode will stay intact.

  1. In the AOSP/Closed Network Devices tile, de-select the check box and then click Save.

    The Disable AOSP/Closed Network Devices Registration dialog box opens.

  1. Select the I understand the implications and want to remove the configuration check box and then click Confirm.

Next steps 

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