Android Enhanced Multiple-Slicing Support

Preferential Network Service on Android 13 allows admins to define fine network slices on a 5G network and map different UIDs (apps) to each slice.

Ensure that the 5G slicing option is enabled in Lockdown policy to use these configurations.

To create a configuration, select Configurations > Add New > Android > Enhanced Network Slicing.

Label Description
Name Enter a name that identifies this configuration
Description Enter a description that clarifies the purpose of this configuration.
App Catalog Apps You can either search from Apps that available in the app catalog which contain public, private, and in-house apps or you can manually add apps using the package id. You can assign a slice to an app from the drop-down menu in the app catalog.
Enhanced Slice

Displays app that was assigned in the respective slice.

An application can use only one slice. Use the Enable automatic fallback to ensure that the application can use an alternative network in case of failure.

Ivanti Mobile Network Client currently does not support Network Slicing.

You can also edit an existing configuration.