Configuring new VPN settings

In the Admin Portal, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations and select Add New > VPN to configure VPN access.

The following sections describe the fields required for each selection in the Connect Type field. For tunnel support for Android, select Ivanti Tunnel (Android) in the Connection Type field.

When the bottom entry of the Safari domains list is clicked in a VPN configuration, the scroll bar automatically scrolls all the way to the top. New edit option introduced for Safari Domains on Windows integrated touch devices, you can now edit Safari Domains information, such as domain name and description, in the Edit VPN Setting window from the Windows UI touch screen.

About VPN settings for Windows devices

  • The following VPN settings are supported for Windows devices:
    • Cisco Legacy AnyConnect

    • IKEv2

    • Juniper SSL

    • PPTP

    • Pulse Secure SSL

  • The following VPN settings are expected to work, but are not included in product warranty as they have been tested for provisioning only, but not tested for connectivity with Windows devices:
    • F5 SSL
    • SonicWALL
  • If you change the name of a VPN profile, it is pushed as a new profile to the device.
  • Identity certificates with Microsoft SCEP are supported. A root or intermediate certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) is required, and you must set up Ivanti EPMM to act as a SCEP reverse proxy.