Setting the registration PIN code length for device user registration

This feature is supported on Android, iOS and macOS devices.

By default, device users must enter a password to register a device. You have the option to require an Ivanti EPMM-generated Registration PIN in place of or in addition to the password.


  1. In Admin Portal, go to Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Registration.
  2. Select a Registration PIN code Length, which is the minimum length for the PIN (6-12 characters).
  3. Select Save.

Limit for failed attempts to enter a registration password

After the sixth failed attempt to enter a registration password, Ivanti EPMM locks the device user’s account for 30 seconds. The device user sees a message stating that the account is locked and will be released after the specified interval.

PIN-based authentication for all available Windows devices

If only PIN registration is enabled, password is not required. However you will be asked to enter your email during registration.

If the user removes the account from the Windows device, a new PIN is required to re-register the device.

If the PIN expires you must first retire the device in the Admin Portal, then re-register the device. This generates a new PIN. Re-provisioning is not supported (Devices & Users > Devices > Action > Actions > Re-provision Device).

The User Portal role is required even if PIN registration is configured.