Custom Attributes

Administrators can assign custom attributes to users or devices to associate additional properties with these objects. These properties can then be used to build groups or distribute configurations.

Set custom attributes manually or update them via API by external systems (any data source external to Ivanti EPMM) to determine what policies, configurations and apps should be applied/available to devices as part of a label filter criteria. Ivanti EPMM specifically integrates with LDAP as one external source of data, so LDAP data can be used in label filter criteria, however, Ivanti EPMM cannot integrate with all external data sources.

The work flow for using custom attributes is:

  • Assign custom attributes role
  • Create custom attributes for users and/or devices
  • Manage custom attributes for users and/or devices, which includes:
    • Viewing custom attributes
    • Editing custom attributes
    • Searching custom attributes
    • Removing custom attributes
    • Exporting a log of custom attributes
  • Apply custom attributes to labels
  • Set custom attribute values for devices or users
  • Pushing label attribute changes to devices and users