Edge Browser settings

Edge Browser was introduced with Windows 10 and therefore, this feature is not supported on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Disabling pop-ups and saved passwords for Edge browsers helps administrators prevent hackers from creating pop ups on end user desktop and mobile devices.

In previous releases, administrators could not disable these features. Starting with Ivanti EPMM, these features are allowed by default. If administrators make no changes, device users will not see any changes, but hacker risks continue. However, if you disable these actions, end users might notice the features no longer work the same and request help.

Ivanti EPMM adds the capability for administrators to disable the following actions for Edge browsers on mobile devices:

  • Pop-ups (Windows 10 Desktop devices only)
  • Saved passwords

How to disable Edge browser settings

To disable pop-ups and password manager for Edge browsers on mobile devices:

  1. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Policies & Configs > Policies.
  2. Select the Default Lockdown Policy and select Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Windows group.
  4. Select Disable for one or both Edge browser settings:
    • Block Browser Pop-ups
    • Browser Password Manager
  5. Select Save.