Bridge overview

Ivanti EPMM manages the modern partition of the Windows OS to secure Windows 10 Desktop devices using the MDM protocol. Bridge was developed, using the same MDM protocol, to manage the Traditional/Win32 half of the OS and secure legacy applications on Windows 10 Desktop devices.

By deploying the Bridge application to Windows 10 Desktop devices, enterprises can now use the same MDM protocol Ivanti EPMM uses to send instructions to both partitions, use MDM API's and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) delivered via scripts to the device to better manage and secure devices.

Figure 1. Bridge architecture

Without Bridge, Ivanti EPMM supports modern apps, configurations, and policies, but not Non-MSI wrapped Win32 apps. With Bridge, Ivanti EPMM also supports the following files:



Visual Basic scripts

.EXE for Win32 application deployment

Some (but not all) of the actions you can take, using Bridge with Ivanti EPMM, are to modify the device in the following areas:

Registry: Reading, writing and updating registry values

Files: Verify, read and update the contents of a file