Setting the time zone of a device

For setting time zones in Android devices, see Provisioning an Android Enterprise device.

This feature is applicable to: iOS 14.0 and tvOS 14.0 devices or supported newer versions. This feature is applicable for supervised devices only and does not require Location Services.

  • The time zone device action is also displayed in the Device Details page of a device.
  • Time zone changes made in the device will also reflect in the Ivanti EPMM server.

    This device action triggers an error if the Force automatic Date & Time restriction is enabled in iOS Restrictions configuration.


  1. Go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select one or more devices.
  3. Select Actions > iOS Only > Set Time Zone for the selected device(s).
  4. Enter the timezone string in the Olson Time Zone ID format, such as Pacific / Midway.
  5. Select Set Time Zone.