Using Secure Sign-In and Sign-Out

Devices configured for multi-user support receive a Secure Sign-In web clip.


  1. Tap Secure Sign-In.

    The Secure Sign-In page displays

  2. Enter a valid username and password and then tap Sign-In.

    After successfully signing in, Ivanti EPMM sends to the device the profiles configured for the signed-in user.

  3. To sign out, tap Secure Sign Out.

    Ivanti EPMM removes the profiles assigned to the signed-out device user.

    Optionally, Ivanti EPMM can remove the managed apps assigned to the signed-out device user. The setting for this is in the "Remove app when device is quarantined or signed out" field. For more information, see "Using the wizard to import iOS apps from the Apple App Store" in the Ivanti EPMM Apps@Work Guide.

Web content filters can affect the Secure Sign-in web clip. Ensure your web content filters do not block access to Ivanti EPMM. Blocking access to Ivanti EPMM disables the secure sign-in web clip. For more information, see Web content filter settings.