Viewing, replacing, and deleting certificates in the user portal

Device users can view, replace, or delete certificates in the user portal.


  1. Go to https://<Ivanti_EPMM_Server_FQDN>/user.
  2. Select on the device user’s name in the top right corner.
  3. Select on Settings in the drop down menu.
    The User-Provided Certificate Management page appears.
  4. To view information about an uploaded certificate, select the “i” next to the certificate.
  5. To replace a certificate, select the edit icon next to the certificate.
  6. To delete a certificate, select the delete icon next to the certificate.

Note: When you navigate to MICS (System manager portal) > Security > Certificate Mgmt > iOS Enrollment certificate > View, click on View Certificate in Ivanti EPMM, the entire iOS Enrollment Certification chain is visible, not just the immediate issuing CA certificate.