Viewing custom attribute changes

Changes in the modification history for configurations, policies, labels, compliance groups, rules, and actions attributes are displayed in the Configuration Details page, which shows before and after content. Logs with before and after values display an icon you can click to see the new information. The new log information is generated for the following actions:

  • Create - The "Before" column will be empty.
  • Edit or change - Both before and after values display.
  • Delete - The "After" column will be empty.

In Ivanti EPMM version and later versions, the before and after values can be readily identified from unchanged content because they are highlighted and in blue text in the Changes - Before & After panel.

To display the Changes - Before & After panel, click on any policy or configuration in the Policies & Configurations > Configurations tab to display the Configuration Details side panel to the right of the window. Click Modification History, and click the box corresponding to the change.