Viewing policy status and platform support

For any given device, you can view the status of a policy you have applied to that device, such as Pending, Sent, or Applied. For any given policy, you can view a list of supported platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Topics in this section include:

Displaying policy status

The Device Details pane on the Device & Users > Devices page displays status for the following tasks:

  • apply lockdown policies
  • apply security policies

The categories of status you will see in the Policies tab are:

  • Pending: The process of applying the policy has been started.
  • Sent: The policy has been successfully sent to the device.
  • Applied: Ivanti EPMM has confirmed that the verifiable settings appear to have been applied to the device.
  • Partially Applied: One or more settings may have been rejected by the device. This can mean that the feature is not supported by the device.

Displaying supported platforms for policies

To clarify which policies are supported on specific platforms, “Platforms Supported” links are included in the policy dialogs. For example:

Figure 1. Platforms supported link

New Security Policy dialog box with Platforms Supported circled.

Each link displays a table outlining the platform support for each policy feature.