What client users see after registering their device

The user portal displays:

  • Icons for each device management action the user is allowed to perform.
  • User and device information, including:
    • Device type (iPod touch, 4th gen in the example)
    • Status (Active, for example)
    • Last check-in (example, 2 hours ago)
    • Phone number
    • OS and version (to 3 digits, iOS 7.1.1, for example)
    • Carrier (for example, AT&T)
    • IMEI value, if applicable
    • Manufacturer
    • Date the device was registered with Ivanti EPMM
  • Accounts settings and certificates uploaded by the device user.
  • Helpdesk contact information configured by the Ivanti EPMM administrator.

Figure 1. User portal showing user's device information

User portal showing user's device information