Working with Windows Update policies

To set up the Windows update policies:

  1. Go to the Admin Portal.
  2. Select Policies & Configs > Policies > Add New > Windows > Windows Update.
  3. Use the following guidelines to complete this form:

Use the following guidelines to create or edit Windows update policies for Windows 10 devices:




Required. Enter a descriptive name for this policy. This is the text that will be displayed to identify this policy throughout the Admin Portal. This name must be unique within this policy type.

Tip: Though using the same name for different policy types is allowed (e.g., Executive), consider keeping the names unique to ensure clearer log entries.


Enter an explanation of the purpose of this policy.

Auto Update Strategy

The options are:

  • Notify user before downloading.
  • Auto install and notify for restart.
  • Auto install and restart (default).
  • Auto install at scheduled time.
  • Auto install at scheduled time without notifying user.

Scheduled Install Day

The options are:

  • Everyday (default)
  • Monday-Sunday

Scheduled Install Time

Every hour on the hour. The default is 3:00 AM

Update Sources

The options are:

  • Enterprise WSUS
  • Enterprise WSUS and Microsoft Update

URL to Enterprise WSUS Server

The URL for the instance of your enterprise Windows Server Update Services server.

Defer non-security Upgrades

In order to defer non-security upgrades, pause updates or upgrades, defer updates, or upgrades, administrators must:

  • Make sure that the URL to Enterprise WSUS Server is left blank (in Policies & Configs > Policies > Windows > Windows Update).
  • MS Error Reporting is Enabled (in Policies & Configs > Policies > Lockdown).

Pause Updates/Upgrades

Check this box to pause the update or upgrades based on the time period specified in the following options.

Defer Updates

The options are 0-4 weeks. The default is 0 weeks.

Defer Upgrades

The options are 0-8 months. The default is 0 months.

Use the Windows update policy to defer Microsoft upgrades and updates on Windows 10 devices using TH2 builds and above. Once the time frame of the deferment is up you cannot defer that update again on that device.