Creating a schedule to retire or delete devices

You can enable a regular schedule to retire unused devices and delete retired devices. The schedule tool works identically for each task.


  1. In Ivanti EPMM, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Retire and Delete Retired Devices.

  2. Select Automatically Delete Retired Devices on a Schedule, or Automatically Retire Devices on a Schedule. The Schedule Configuration opens.

  3. Frequency: Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    1. Daily: Select the run time from the At: drop-down menu. The default is midnight.

      Retire schedule configuration: Daily

    2. Weekly: Select the day and time for the clean up. Default value is Sunday at midnight.

      Retire schedule configuration: Weekly

    3. Monthly: Select the time for a first-day-of-the-month schedule frequency. Default is first day of the month at midnight.

      Retire schedule configuration: Monthly

  4. Select Save.

Retiring the Retire Pending devices