About Ivanti Docs@Work for Android configuration

Device users can download Docs@Work for Android directly from the Google Play. You can also distribute Docs@Work for Android as a recommended app through Apps@Work.

Mobile@Work must be available on the device and registered with Ivanti EPMM, before installing the Docs@Work app.

  • If you have an existing deployment of the Docs@Work functionality embedded in Mobile@Work for Android devices or available through the AppConnect-enabled apps required for Android devices, you must still create new configurations for deploying the Docs@Work app.
  • If you are using the Default AppConnect Global Policy, you do not need to create a new policy.
  • Configuring an AppConnect container policy is required only if you did not Authorize for Apps without an AppConnect container policy in the AppConnect Global policy. Or, if you want to configure a different set of data loss prevention policies for Docs@Work.
  • Standalone Sentry configured for AppTunnel is required if you want to tunnel traffic to content repositories. CIFS traffic must be tunneled through Standalone Sentry.
  • Use the Docs@Work configuration to specify:
    • AppTunnel rules
    • content sites
    • Docs@Work app behavior

Ensure that only one Docs@Work configuration is applied to a device.