Content sites

Content sites configured by the administrator are automatically available in Docs@Work on the device. If a content site is configured as a Published site, the content is automatically downloaded to the device.

Content sites in Docs@Work fall into three types:

  • Group sites: Group sites are configured by the administrator and automatically pushed to Docs@Work. Group sites cannot be deleted by the device user.
  • Published sites: Published sites are Group sites that update automatically and are available for offline use. If there are any changes, content is updated to the latest version at the configured update interval. Published sites can also be manually updated when you pull to refreshtap the sync button. An update notification is also sent and the Notifications icon is badged. Published sites cannot be deleted by the device user. Documents in Published sites cannot be edited. Editing for documents in Published sites can only be enabled in Content Security Service.
  • User sites Device users can also add sites to Docs@Work. Sites that a user adds are identified as User sites. Site details are available by tapping the Info icon on the sitethe three vertical dots next to the site.