File Activity

The File Activity tab displays the status of downloaded and uploaded files. Drag the files up or down to re-order the file upload or download queue. You can view the downloaded and uploaded files under the Download History and Upload History sections. The Docs@Work app supports multiple file upload. Multiple download and upload queues are now listed separately under Downloads and Uploads tabs. When you download or upload multiple files, the Docs@Work app optimizes by file size, transferring the file with lowest file size first. You can re-order the files as per your preference in the File Activity screen. Also, the folders in the download and upload queue are highlighted in bold to differentiate the folders in which transfer is in progress from the other folders.

The information about the recently uploaded and downloaded file is available under the Recent tab. The option to upload the files to the Starred folder is now available in the Upload file dialog box.

Docs@Work supports uploading of complete folder to remote sites, you can also upload multiple folders. When a marked folder is uploaded using the action bar, you can view the upload in the Upload History tab. When uploading you can view the progress in the current file activity for uploads. When uploading an empty folder, a destination folder with the same name.and then upload files and subfolders recursively.

New items are not created in the file activity for sub folders and child files, it is only created for the marked folder.

The "Transfer files in Wi-Fi only" option is added to download and upload file only through Wi-Fi instead of mobile data. When this option is enabled, the download and upload will not work on mobile data.